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sperm freezing treatment in hyderabad india

Sperm Freezing and Storage Cost in India

Sperm Freezing Treatment at SWCIC in Hyderabad, India

Semen freezing semen cryopreservation is a procedure done to collect and preserve the sperms. Sperm freezing is done when the male is undergoing medications which can impact the quality of sperms.

Sperm Freezing
The changed habits and lifestyle is promoting many of the couples to preserve their fertility for future. SWCIC- one of the famous fertility centres in Hyderabad India assists you in that also through the following method.
Semen cryopreservation
  • Semen cryopreservation (commonly called sperm banking) is a procedure to preserve sperm cells. Semen can be used successfully indefinitely after cryopreservation. For human sperm, the longest reported successful storage is 21 years. It can be used as a means of preserving fertility for men undergoing vasectomy or treatments that may compromise their fertility, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. Semen is frozen using a newer flash-freezing process known as vitrification. Vitrification gives superior post-thaw motility and cryosurvival than slow programmable freezing. Thawing at 40°C seems to result in optimal sperm motility..
Sperm Freezing & Storage
  • Similar to egg freezing, sperm freezing is also done to preserve their sperm to postpone their conception or if they taking some medications or some medications which might impact their fertility. Contrary to the egg freezing, sperms can be frozen forever, which does not hamper the quality and health of the sperm.
Sperm Freezing Success Rates
  • Its assumed that in the freezing and thawing process the sperm life is reduced or hampered, but apparently it’s not so. Small batch of sperms are collected and the samples are tested by freezing, storing followed by thawing to examine the life of the sperm after the process. It is most likely that there is a small difference in the quality. The collected sample is first freezed and then thawed, a small amount to check for vitality after the course of action.
When do I Need to Freeze My Sperm?
By storing your sperm, your preserving it for future usage. Consider freezing your sperm when:
  • You are undergoing vasectomy.
  • The sperm count is decreasing, life of your sperm is at risk.
  • You are taking some serious medication which impacts your fertility.
  • You are donating your sperm. Etc
  • Your chronic illness will surely affect your fertility in future.
Risks of Sperm Freezing?
  • As sperm freezing is a non- invasive procedure , there is no risks to store or freeze the sperm. There is no threat to the donor are also no risks to receiver of the embryos got after the sperm is frozen.
Sperm Freezing Process
Before the process commences the doctor explains the procedure.There are 4 important steps to sperm freezing:
  • 1.You shall be examined for any infectious transmitting diseases such as including HIV, Hepatitis B/C
  • 2. You will be given a written agreement that your sperm has been stored.
  • 3. You require to give some sperm sample at the clinic.
  • 4. Your sperm will be frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen