Stem Cell Therapy

Ovarian failure is inevitable with age. In recent years, two germline stem cells: “female germ stem cells” (fGSC) or “ovarian stem cells” (OSCs) were reported to induce ovarian regeneration and a sustained ovarian function. Injecting stem cells from the Bone marrow can stimulate the ovarian function, restore normal ovarian and hormone levels, and possibly allow pregnancy. After Stem cell therapy the number of follicles improves, the FSH levels decrease, and the AMH and E2 levels increase, resulting in an increase in the ovarian reserve function. Transplantation of human BMSC (Bone marrow stem cells) , it increase the ovarian weight, promote ovarian hormone production, and stimulate follicular development. In summary, stem cells are seen as a new hope for improving the treatment of female infertility through their ability to regenerate, they also promote menstruation when injected into the uterine cavity

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