Intralipid Therapy

Intralipid is a sterile fat emulsion, which provides your body with energy and fatty acids.
The active ingredient in Intralipid is soya oil. Soya oil consists of a mixture of mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids.
It helps in implantation an reduces the chances of miscarriage

Natural killer (NK) cells in the body attack embryos and that intralipids stop that happening. But larger randomized trials into IVF and intralipids are needed to really prove this. If you’ve had miscarriages, repeated implantation failure and have elevated NK levels, intralipid infusion therapy will be given

Intralipid infusions as treatment for recurrent unexplained abortion
The evidence suggests that Intralipid might be an effective treatment for human recurrent miscarriages. Intralipid is effective in enhancing live birth rates among women with elevated NK cell cytotoxicity and a history of recurrent implantation failure and recurrent pregnancy loss. Intralipid is effective in suppressing in vivo abnormal NK-cell functional activity. The results suggest that Intralipid can be used successfully as a therapeutic option to modulate abnormal NK activity in women with Infertility/miscarriages

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