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IVF Treatment cost in Hyderabad India

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. This is basically done because the parents who are failed to conceive after several attempts they undergo a process called IVF Treatment. The basic process of IVF is collecting eggs and combined with sperm in a laboratory under specialists or a doctor. The IVF is also used for male fertility to overcome this we can use some other treatments like IUI. Basically the IVF treatment undergoes, when the other fertility process are failed. Sometimes it may be the first treatment for fertility problem. # Cost of IVF Treatment: The cost of the IVF treatment depends on the process of the treatment. They are several different types of process we have like: It basically costs around 33000 or more. The basic amount of the treatment is 2,50,000 and more, it depends upon the clinic and doctors. Using Own Egg and Sperm: There are no inclusive chargers for donors because we are using our own eggs and sperms without any donor helps. So the basic cost for the treatment is around 2,50,000. This is a appropriate amount only. # Step-By-Step Procedure of IVF:
  • First we consult a doctor and we undergo some tests like ultrasound, blood tests etc.,
  • While undergo the IVF treatment we have to use some medical pills and injections suggested by the doctor for couple of weeks.
  • After using the medication for couple of weeks, we need to consult a doctor for next procedure.
  • The doctor collect the eggs from the women body by using small needle inserting it into veins.
  • And also collects the sperm from the partner and combined with the egg in a laboratory, it undergoes a fertilization. It is called as EMBORY.
  • The embryo should be placed in a very cool place.
  • After undergoes the fertilization for couple of days like 5-6 and the embryo is reinserted in the uterus by simple method. If several embryos are inserted into the uterus, women can end up carrying two or more babies at a time.
  • After inserting the embryo into the uterus, we face some incontinence, which may disappear in a day or more.
  • If the treatment is success then the women is a pregnant. And also we have to continue the medication for couple of weeks.
  • If the treatment fails for some reasons, then we should undergo the IVF treatment again from the starting.
  • •The IVF treatment may works in first step for some people, or it takes several times to success.
# Can we able to cancel the IVF treatment: There is a chance to cancel the IVF treatment in the middle of the process. We have a several reasons for cancelling the IVF treatment they are: if the embryo is not growing in a proper way, we can able to increase the growth by medication. If the growth is not up to mark then we can cancel the treatment. Later we can able to start the IVF treatment in some days or months. Another Reason for cancelling the IVF treatment is, if the embryos have opposite response, it shows that may be very difficult for the patient. The symptoms for this heavy weight gain in a short period of time. Success Rate: # The success rate of this IVF treatment is 80-90%, and it is depends upon the age of the women. If the age of the women is 35 to 40 the success rate may varies. The success rate may decrease with age. # Side Effects of IVF Treatment: The side effects may wary from person to person; it basically depends on the hormonal issues also. The basic side effects of IVF treatment is crimpling, Headache, Mode swings, Hot flashes and etc. And also we may not have a chance for second baby after the IVF treatment.