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Needing medical help to conceive can feel like a crisis, often suffered in secrecy. Many usual channels of support may seem unavailable; friends seem to be having babies with ease, parents are wishing to become grandparents; the workplace may not be sympathetic to the frequent absences you will encounter; you and your partner may be finding the stress and anxiety interfere with your usual ways of relating to and supporting each other; sex may have become a timed chore. You may both have already gone through tests and investigations that intrude into the most private and intimate areas of your bodies and your lives. You may have spent hours, weeks or years waiting.

  • Taking some private time and space with a trained counsellor is not about ‘not coping’. It is an opportunity to look in the broadest sense at the issues in your lives that have been raised because of the situation you are now facing. You may want to air the anger, grief, desperation, isolation and envy, so these feelings do not get bottled up and then come out in other areas of your life that would not be appropriate or helpful. It is sometimes much easier and feels safer if there is an understanding third party there with you. You might also want to share the excitement, joy and ambivalence, fears and relief of successful treatment.
  • At SWCIC- the best IVF Centre in Hyderabad India, Counselling is friendly, personal and confidential. It is not being told what to do, feel or think. You are not being judged or assessed. You are taking an active role in a process that so often can leave you feeling frustratingly inactive.
Preconception Advice
  • you can potentially boost your chances of conceiving by making sure your body is healthy enough to become pregnant and support a developing baby.
Eat Healthy
  • A balanced diet will help ensure your body is healthy enough to become pregnant and can also help to keep sperm production at optimum levels.
Exercise regularly
  • Regular exercise will keep you fit and help you to maintain a healthy weighty. it can also help to reduce your stress levels, in what can be an emotionally draining situation.
Medication and drugs
  • some prescription drugs can reduce your chances of conceiving, so if you are taking regular medication ask you GP about suitable alternatives. All illegal drugs should be completely avoided.
Stop Smoking
  • Smoking has been linked to infertilityand early menopause in women, and has been shown to reduce sperm quality. it is also a factor in premature or low birth-weigh babies.
Nutritional Support
  • Correct nutrition has been shown to have a significant impact on chances of conceiving through fertility treatment. It can be used to improve your body’s general ability to conceive, through improving egg quality in women or sperm count in men. It can also help with specific conditions which may affect you or your partner, including polycystic ovary syndrome, low sperm count, hormonal imbalances, and other medical conditions. Understandably, many people undergoing fertility treatment want to ensure they are eating the correct diet. However, they may not know which foods they need to include, exclude, or how their current diet can be improved.
  • An expert nutritionist will be able to help you review your diet and identify the changes that should be made.