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Fertility centres in Hyderabad
The increased infertility and fertility centres in Hyderabad
Though there are no accurate statistics available on the number of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) centres in India, one can expect minimum 1200. Among those, fertility centres in Hyderabad contributes to a good number. It is quite embarrassing that, more than 20 million people in India are infertile and keeps on increasing every year. That is the reason behind the mushrooming of infertility centres in Hyderabad as well. But the sad part is that, many fertility centres consider this as the medium for money making and there are number of malpractices happening across. What can be the reason behind the steep increase in the number of infertile couples? In majority of the Doctors’ opinion, the lifestyle change has a crucial role in this. Obesity, overexertion, lack of exercise, high fat food, everything has a role in this. Earlier, the infertility difficulties were limited to women only. Or in other words, though there were problems with men, it was not that known to the world outside. But the situation has changed now and fertility failures are haunting both men and women equally. The exposure to pollution, stress, smoking, eating habits and even the dressing style can create an impact on fertility probability. In a city like Hyderabad, where thousands of vehicles are running back and forth every moment, the pollution is going out of control. Moreover, majority of the occupants are working, and as a part of commuting, they are compelled to those pollution exposure. The common infertility difficulties in case of men are low sperm count or low sperm motility. The problems with morphology abnormalities are also not a rare case now in men. Fertility doctors in Hyderabad say that they are seeing couples wherein both the spouses are infertile as well. The days where women spent their entire time inside the home has changed now and everyone sets priority for their career. While running behind career, people are forgetting about their family and once they start think of having babies, it will be too late. More over people are losing their balance with their work and life. This has become a generic scenario for many of the infertility specialists in Hyderabad. For a women, her 20s is the best time than she can conceive. The later it is getting, the higher the chances of complexities are. Out of 100, almost 15 are in need of infertility treatment. When a women goes through stress, her hormonal balance is also getting disturbed and that can create changes in her menstrual cycle that again leads to infertility. Dumping all the blames on work and work pressure, people are not even finding time to do regular exercises. The dearth of physical activities are usually ending up in obesity and later in infertility. As a result of all these, there are more than 20 IVF centres in Hyderabad out of which six to seven are well renowned. It is so obvious that these fertility clinics are giving hope and life to the people who are striving for babies. The fertility centres in Hyderabad could prove themselves and there are many foreigners who prefer the treatment centres here. IVF treatment is generally expensive, especially in foreign countries. So the cost effectivity can be the reason behind the foreigners’ decision to prefer Hyderabad. The reports sign that, every year, there is around 20 to 30 % of growth in the IVF treatment centres. And in India, almost 40,000 IVF cycles are done in each year. Along with IVF, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is also in practice in many of the IVF centres, though it costs more. No treatment is giving a cent percent guarantee. Also there are some controversies going on the health of the test tube babies. But still, people are finding hope with these treatment methods which has been developed just 37 years ago, because of the longing to have a baby of their own. Studies for further development in this branch of treatment is progressing and those are all signposting to a bright future, if the basic ethics are maintained. Let the medical developments progress on one side. On the other side, we can practice a healthy life style and stress free life that will not harm our fertility.