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Say bye to fertility worries at the test tube baby centre in Hyderabad
Many among us have the misconception that, a woman ca get conceived in the first month itself, if the couples are trying for that through an unprotected sex. As expected, if she is not getting conceived after one month, there starts the worries. Soon after they think that, either of them are infertile and the unwanted apprehensions makes the scenario even worse. Distinct test tube baby centre in Hyderabad supports their patients to take out all these unwanted worries through their excellent counselling sections. But can anyone consider them as infertile who failed to get conceived just after a month’s try? Definitely no. Infertility is the stage where, there is a failure in conception after a continuous unprotected sex for minimum one year. But on the other side, people who doesn’t have much knowledge on this, starts worrying others, especially the newly married couple, through their questions on having a baby. And then, the wish to have a baby turns as a pressure in them. At the same time, the people who married after age 30, are suggested to visit a good gynecologist after six months of try if they failed to get conceived. Even if it is a negative result that comes to you. There is nothing to get worried, because, there are well known fertility centres in Hyderabad who give life to thousands of infertile couples through the advanced medical technologies. Following might be the basic apprehensions that comes to your mind now. What are the infertility treatment styles that test tube baby centre in Hyderabad follows? The cause of infertility in you may not be the same in other person. So based upon the exact cause, there are different treatment styles available. Some of them are IUI, IVF, natural cycle IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IVM, laparoscopy, FTC, NK cells, intralipid therapy, TESA/ PESA, PCOD and the list goes on. So the happy news is that, whatever the cause is, for majority of them, there are practical solutions. Among these, IVF treatment has already proved its efficiency and for the same reason, it has got better acceptance within the population. Though the first test tube bay was born just 37 years ago, people have much faith in this. And in the entire world, there are millions of babies born through IVF. What is the probability of IVF success with age? Before discussing your probability of success through IVF, have a look on what exactly is the test tube baby procedure? In IVF procedure, unlike in the normal conception, the egg from the women body is fertilized with the sperm outside of the human body. After letting the zygote (fertilized egg) grow for some 2 to 6 days in an external medium, the embryo is implanted inside the uterus of the woman. If the procedure is success, then the baby starts growing to the full term inside the womb. Your age has a definite role in the success probability of conception. Experienced doctor say that, the best eggs that a women can release is in her 20s. So IVF can also give the best result, if it is done before age of 30. In the women who are of age 35 or less, can expect a success rate of approximate 41 %. For the women of age 38 to 40, the probability is lessened to 22 to 23 percent. When women of 41 and above are observed, the chances are even less with a percent of 11 to 12. What is the cost expected for an IVF treatment in Hyderabad? The huge test tube baby cost that many of the fertility centres charge are being the reason for many couples not to opt IVF. But compared to the foreign countries, infertility clinics in Hyderabad are affordable. That is the reason, foreigners also prefer the city for their treatment. Depending on the drugs using, and the complete procedure, the cost for a complete IVF cycle in Hyderabad varies from INR. 1, 00, 000 to INR 2, 00, 000. Based upon the infrastructure and other amenities that distinct hospitals are providing, it can extended to INR. 3, 00, 000 as well. For a single cycle, the price can vary from INR. 35, 000 to INR. 75000. To conclude on the total number of cycles that you may need, is decided upon other several factors and based upon that, the final cost can be calculated. So, leave all the fertility worries and wave your dream for your own baby, because there are pretty good infertility clinics in Hyderabad to assist your wish.