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Fertility centres in Hyderabad
High infertility rates and the hope on fertility centres in Hyderabad
It is so definite that, there are more number of couples now who fights with infertility. The scenario reflects in here also, and that is the reason there are number of fertility centres in Hyderabad now. Within 37 years from 1978 (when the first test tube baby was born), people went through many rapid changes and they became more open towards the artificial methods for conception. The report that World Health Organization has revealed in 2010 is quite frightening that, there were 48.5 million couples who failed to have child. When Indian statistical reports are considered, in 2014, around 15 % of the Indian population were battling with infertility. There are reports that suggest, the rate of infertility in men shows quite shocking increase of around 60 % when comparing with 1980s. Many of the renowned fertility doctors in Hyderabad are attending minimum 400 to 500 patients a month. Have you ever thought of the reason behind this? The changed lifestyle has a definite role in this, especially in men. The high stress working environments are drawing them towards different forms of intoxications. It is hard to find a person who doesn’t smoke or drink in these days. Dumping all the blames over work pressure, they feel relaxed through smoking. But, at the same time, they are forgetting to think of their future. Smoking not only decreases the chances of fertility in the one who smoke, rather it creates difficulties through passive smoking as well. The chronic consumption of alcohol also makes difficulties with fertility on the other side. The fertility doctors in Hyderabad say that many of their patients have either regular smoking or drinking habit. Even the skin hugging dresses that you wear daily can make changes to the fertility level. The difficulties are not only with the people who are at age of 30 or above. The number of young couples who seek infertility treatment of age of 21 to 30 year are also too high in these days. Infertility rate in women also is not less now. The overexertion in their working environment are enough to cause imbalances in their hormonal level that leads to the irregular periods and finally can end up in infertility. Late marriages have also turned as a trend in our country now. For many among us, first preference is career, and next comes financial status, finally to family. Experienced health professionals say that, the best tome that a girl can conceive is in her 20s. The later it is getting, the higher the risks are. The impact of change lifestyle and eating habit also cannot be left aside without mentioning here. Regular high fat food consumption also causes difficulties in conception. The continuous consumption of soft drinks like cola are identified as a major cause for infertility in men. But unfortunately, there are many people who depends the fast food outlets on a regular basis as well. When the world’s first test tube bay has turned 37 this year, there are more than 20 or 25 infertility clinics in Hyderabad, wherein even foreign peoples are seeking treatment for their infertility solutions. People are showing more acceptance towards the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) now, and they trust on the fertility centres. IVF is the most accepted treatment style that made many of the couples’ dream come true. There are many fertility centres in Hyderabad who are successfully and consistently practicing IVF and IUI. It is true that many couples still pull themselves back from opting IVF treatment because of the difficulties with affordability. But, there are a few well reputed infertility treatment centres in Hyderabad who offers the treatment for a moderate price. Surrogacy is the other treatment option given for the infertile couples. Though there are some ethical disputes still going on behind, surrogacy could also gain much acceptance within the Indian community. In essence, the fertility centres are being a hopeful place for the millions of childless couple to have their OWN babies. Realizing this fact about the millions of infertile peoples around the world, the things that we can practice are a healthy routine and a stress free life.