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Fertility centres in Hyderabad
Fertility centres in Hyderabad with the best results ever
Fertility centres in Hyderabad could establish their name with high level acceptance even from the foreign countries by now. When it was limited within the major cities earlier, the infertility centres in Hyderabad are expanding even into the small towns outside the cities. The statistics cue that, in the entire Andhra Pradesh, there are almost 25 to 27 infertility centres. Among those, near 12 are situated external to Hyderabad, such as in Guntur, and Anantapur. In other words, the infertility clinics are mushrooming these days especially because of the large level acceptance of IVF treatment and the success rate. According to the renowned infertility specialists in Hyderabad, there are minimum 100-200 infertile couples who visit an infertility specialist in a day. There are pretty much ivf centres in Hyderabad who could come up with great results in the advanced fertility treatment procedures such as IVF and IUI. Almost for all the common causes of infertility, let it be in men or in women, the established fertility doctors in Hyderabad have practical solutions for that. For the same reason, there are many foreigners who seek help from the fertility centres in Hyderabad every year. Another factor that people consider the place is because of the less expense. When foreign countries are charging INR. 5- 9 lakhs for a single IVF cycle, the same treatment is available in Hyderabad with INR. 2 to 5, depends on the fertility drugs and other requisites. The hospitals in Hyderabad are not compromising on the knowledge updates and infrastructure upgradation as well. All the renowned fertility centres in the city are focusing on regular knowledge gain and they try to bring up the global advancement in medical procedures as well as in the equipment. The high tech operation theatres and all time availability of the required medicines in the pharmacy, the care, counselling, ambience and the list goes on. Apart from all the infrastructural amenities, the important and foremost factor, of course, is the ability and dexterity of the doctors. That is the one which is going to decide the future of the hospital. Though IVF is accepted all over the world as an effective remedy for infertility, not every treatment in all the infertility centre are becoming success. There are couples who spent a huge money over and yet could not satisfy their desire to have a child. The ivf clinics in Hyderabad have a handful of success stories to share in all the probable cause of infertility both in male and in female. There are many successful case histories of failed IVF, pelvic tuberculosis, endometriosis, primary infertility, unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, tubal blocks, PCODs and fibroids cured at the fertility clinics in Hyderabad within a moderate expense. Of course, as the age increases, the fertility probability reduces with that. The probability that IVF guarantees for the couple of age 40 and above is less than 5 percent. But through surrogacy, the Hyderabad fertility clinics have success stories with the couples who are of age 55 and above as well. There are number of positive results gained through surrogacy in the famed fertility hospitals in Hyderabad. For the women with recurrent miscarriages, abnormal uterus or even with no uterus, surrogacy is the last option for motherhood, wherein another woman carries the baby to the full term that ends up in the delivery, for the females with difficulties. Hyderabad has a list of healthy and generous surrogates who gave new birth to many infertile couples from different parts of the country and from foreign countries as well. Many of the couples from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, UK, US, Doha and from many other places are seeking support from the fertility centres in Hyderabad for the last few 7 or 8 years, by seeing the successful result within an affordable expense. Unlike the unregulated fertility centres, the famed fertility hospitals such as SWCIC, Dr. Padmaja’s infertility clinic, Rainbow, Kamineni and Dr. Rama’s in Hyderabad have been giving hopeful and fruitful results for the last many years. Their continuous effort to help the childless couples are now renowned in the whole country and move on with more and more advanced technologies and results.