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The top test tube baby centre in Hyderabad
Bye to fertility fear with the top test tube baby centre in Hyderabad
Millions of childless couples in the world are blaming their fate for the infertility in them. But does it bring any change? Instead of blaming themselves and the fate, finding a best fertility centre is the right option. ‘Test tube baby centre in Hyderabad’ is searched by many couples across the world because of the successful results they could gift to number of couples who wanted to have a child of their own. There are approximately 25 fertility centres in Hyderabad and out of them, almost 8 to 10 are well known for their treatment efficacy. If you can find the apposite test tube baby centre in Hyderabad, then throw out those infertility worries, which have been haunting you. Within a moderate test tube baby cost, there are proven medical technologies and advanced test tube baby procedure, which has received loads of applauds from all over the world. Millions have got babies through that, and why can’t you? The infertility treatments provided at the infertility clinics in Hyderabad are given here. Medication: Depending on the nature of the fertility difficulty, there are some fertility drugs prescribed by the physicians. These drugs are useful both in men and in women. Based upon the complete case history, the medicines can be consumed alone or it is prescribed also to the assisted conception. Surgery: Through surgical assistance also, your infertility can be cured. Block or scar to the fallopian tube is a common scenario where surgery is preferred. The fallopian tube surgery can help in providing an easy passage for the eggs. Another case, when surgery preferred is in case of endometriosis which is so common in women these days. Through a laparoscopic surgery, the cysts or fibroids can be removed or destroyed. Laparoscopic surgery is successful in women with PCOS as well. If the medication are not giving better result, then ovarian drilling is prescribed. In men, the common cause is the blockage to epididymis, which is a complicated duct inside the testicles that promotes the sperm transportation. So, if there is a block to this, the sperm can be restricted from ejaculation. It can be because of an infection or scar. Some men are born without vas deferens which helps in ejaculation. In those people also, the sperm can be extracted surgically within a few hours with not much complexities. These retrieved sperms can be frozen and stored for future usage as well. ART: Do not lose hope if you have no chances with the previous treatment approaches. The medical technology is that much advanced and there are remedies. One among them is the Assisted Reproductive Technology which includes, IUI, IVF, GIFT, ICSI and egg/ embryo donation.
  • IUI: If the woman is still ovulating, and if her fallopian tubes are healthy enough to support the travelling of eggs, Intrauterine Insemination can be successful. In this, the sperm from the spouse, or donor is injected into the uterus through cervix. If the process is success, which leads to the next stage wherein fertilization takes place.
  • IVF: Unlike IUI, the fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body in IVF. In case of unexplained infertilities, IVF is widely advised. In this, the woman is injected with some fertility drugs that can enhance the egg production in the initial stage. Then the healthier eggs are retrieved and combines it with the sperm outside the body till a successful fertilization is noticed. Once the fertilized eggs transform into an embryo, is placed carefully back to the embryo through cervix. If all the stages are successful, then the baby starts growing inside her womb.
  • GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer): The egg collection is same as IVF. After that, the eggs are combined with sperm outside the body and place in the fallopian tube of the woman. The fertilization happens inside the human body itself in this case.
  • ICSI: This treatment is helpful mainly in two cases. One- If the man has less sperm count and Two- if the sperm are weak in penetration. In these cases, the sperm is injected directly to the egg.
  • Egg/ embryo donation: If the woman is having any ovarian failure, she can receive egg from a donor. People who met with a successful IVF treatment are donating the spare embryo which they preserved for the future purpose.
So there are endless options to have a baby, of you can find the most apposite fertility centre.